Reserve General Terms and Conditions

Making a booking constitutes acceptance by the customer of each and every one of the terms & conditions which are an integral part of the booking in accordance with specific legislation, Decree 6/2015 of 23 January, the Government of Valencia.


When making a booking, the customer is fully and exclusively responsible for the accuracy of all information that has been provided. In case of incorrect information provided, we do have the right to cancel the reservation.
In order to confirm a reservation, the client is required to pay a deposit (via bank account transfer to the campsite for bookings made via phone or email). The reservation is ensured at the time when the establishment get confirmation of the successful transfer.
On arrival at the site, the customer must present the receipt of the transfer. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the stay after an inspection of the accommodation by a staff member.
Reservations can be made no later than up to three days before the arrival date.

When the reservation is formalized, the accommodation will be assigned based on the needs of the client and the available accommodation.

The camping does not guarantee the allocation of a specific accommodation (for example, “Bungalow nr. ___” or “Plot nr. ___”).


Customers can cancel the services requested being entitled to a refund of the full amount they have paid for; clients must compensate the tourist establishment the following percentage of the deposit required:
5% of the amount of the deposit when the cancellation is made more than thirty days in advance of the arrival day.
50% of the amount of the deposit when it is made less than thirty days in advance and more than seven days prior to the check-in day.
100% of the amount of the deposit when it is made seven days or less in advance of the check-in day.

In case the customer does not appear at the campsite on the scheduled day of arrival, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.




1 – General terms. All persons who register and use the camp site facilities shall be required to comply with the terms of this Regulation and the Spanish Law regulating tourist camp sites.

2.- Information. Information on regulations and other data of interest to campers is displayed at the Campsite Office. Any specific camp site rules on public display are also included in these Regulations.

  1. – Reception opening hours. The Reception Office is open from 8 am to 9 pm.
  2. Right to admission.

All the campsite users will access the campsite with the appropriate equipment for the stay, like tents, caravans, campers or camping vans.

Persons will not be admitted to the camp site or they be ejected with the assistance of the law enforcement authorities if required, when it can be justifiably assumed that they will fail to fulfil the regulations of peaceful coexistence, morals or decency, or if they attempt to enter the site for a purpose other than that of activities pertaining to the establishment. In this regard the Management:

Reserves the Right of Admission.

The management also reserves the right of admission to persons whose belongings encroach on or attempt to encroach on areas which are clearly disproportionate to the number of persons using it.

Entry will be refused to those persons who owe the Company for services provided on previous occasions and which were not paid for at the appropriate time.

  1. Registration on arrival. On arrival at the camp site, it is OBLIGATORY for clients to provide proof of identification and that of their companions through presentation of their national identity documents or passports, and to complete and sign the documents and forms required for this purpose by the Spanish authorities at any given time. Persons under 18 years shall only be admitted in the company of an adult who shall be responsible for their conduct at all times. In any case, parents or guardians of under-age children shall be liable for any damage or accidents caused by the minors during their stay at the camp site.

Arrival and entry to the bungalows shall be from 2 pm onwards.

Duration of the contract for occupation of the plot or fixed premises may under no circumstances exceed a period of one year.

Access to the camp site is reserved exclusively to clients. Any other person wishing to enter shall request an entry permit at Reception.

Electrical power should be requested on registration at reception, and users should be in possession of a damp-proof cable /hose (1000V) and an earthed connection plug. Connection to the power supply must only be made by authorised camp site personnel. Under no circumstances shall consumption exceed the maximum power supply granted. Any manipulation or handling of the electrical installation is prohibited.

6.- Visits. Entry is prohibited to persons who are not camping on the site. Entry to the camping area is reserved exclusively to campers. In exceptional cases, the management may, on request, allow clients’ family members or friends to access the campsite at their own liability for a previously stipulated period of time, and in all cases these persons shall be required to leave their personal identification documents at the Reception Office, collecting them on their departure. Visits of more than one hour, shall imply for all appropriate purposes that the visitor is to be considered a client for one day. This shall also apply when the visitor makes use of any of the camping area services. Visitors shall be required to abide by the Camp site rules. Visitors shall be required to leave the site prior to the established closing time and under no circumstances shall they be permitted to spend the night on site, unless they have registered to do so. Visitors’ vehicles may NOT access the camp site.

7.- Location of tents, caravans and similar vehicles. Tents, caravans, and vehicles may only be installed during the Reception Office opening hours, and only on the plots indicated by the camp site Management. Changes of the allocated plot must be duly authorised.

Clients are expressly prohibited from installing items in their area which are not associated with temporary use, and which are proper to and normal for camping purposes, or any other items which would be detrimental to the site’s image as a tourist establishment. Specifically, these include flooring, fences, sinks, domestic appliances or any other item that could convey an image of permanence and should not be installed on site, and doing so shall be considered sufficient grounds for terminating the contract with the client, irrespective of the previously agreed conditions, with no right to compensation of any kind.

Clients may not encroach on other plots with any items that they have installed, and must keep to their allocated area, nor shall they encroach on pathways or thoroughfares, or in general on any other installations or areas of the camp site.

8.- Animals. Domestic animals may be admitted at the camp site Management’s discretion. Animals which could clearly be dangerous or which could cause a nuisance to campers, such as large and/or dangerous breeds, shall be prohibited from entering the camp site. When clients have animals of this kind, the company and the client may come to an agreement whereby, under certain conditions, the animal will be allowed to enter the campsite. A specific set of regulations regarding animals is displayed at the Reception. Animals shall at all times remain with their owners, and should be kept on a lead and under their control.

9.- Rest periods and silence. The following hours are defined as camp site rest periods:

FROM 3 PM TO 5 PM During this period, the client shall avoid making any noise, shouting, or arguments, and shall regulate the volume of acoustic apparatus (especially televisions and radios) in order to ensure that these do not cause a nuisance to their neighbours.

FROM MIDNIGHT TO 8 AM During this period, silence shall be required, and vehicles shall not be permitted to travel inside the site, except in special cases such as an emergency, or if the camp site so requires. Special care shall be taken to prevent noise emanating from televisions and radios.

10.- Vehicles. The use of acoustic signals on the camp-site premises is not permitted. During the hours of transit, the maximum speed permitted inside the camp site shall be 10 km/hour. Traffic of vehicles other than the clients’ own cars and vehicles is not permitted on site. Within the camp site, the use of vehicles of all kinds shall be confined to arrival and departure of clients, and any use of vehicles for sporting or entertainment purposes in particular that of motorcycles is prohibited. In addition, use of vehicles to travel around the camp site is prohibited.


11.- Fees. The current camping fees are displayed on the official camp site sign board. Prices and amounts for all items listed shall be paid for, as appropriate, at the Reception Office of the Camp site or in the place where complementary services are used.

Irrespective of the agreed accommodation period, the Company may require clients to pay for the services provided at any given time. Payment is recommended every 7 days for services used, and every 30 days for long term stays. The management may also require, depending on the agreed period, that the client pay in advance up to 100% of the amount payable for the periods contracted. In case of early departure, refund will be possible previous 24h notice (before 12:00noon of the day prior to the departure)


Payment for the different periods contracted shall be calculated per day in accordance with the number of nights spent on site, with a minimum stay of one day, and considering the final or departure day to end at TWELVE O’CLOCK midday. Leaving the camp site after 12 o’clock noon shall be calculated as an extra day.

Caravans and tents shall not be admitted if their occupants are not present at the camp site every day. If clients plan to leave the camp site, leaving their tent, caravan or vehicle on site, they shall be required to inform the Reception Office who may accept this absence under certain conditions, depending on the circumstances, or they may require the client to abandon the site, along with all their belongings. In any case the minimum price payable when the occupants of a plot are absent shall be an amount equivalent to two persons and one plot.

The management reserves the right to dismantle any plots where the campers have absented themselves from the camp site without informing the management. Caravans that have been removed shall be parked in the car park and shall be charged a fee for use of the parking facility.

Clients who intend to leave earlier than the reception opening hours shall pay their bill the evening before.


Fees for entry or stay of persons, caravans, tents and vehicles on site shall entitle campers to camp on the site in accordance with these Regulations, and to use the aforementioned services in accordance with the following requirements:

Services included in the fees (camper’s rights)

Public lighting – children’s playground – sinks – power supply in wash rooms – Adult and children’s swimming pools – wash rooms – toilets – laundries – rubbish containers and their collection- bowling – Post Office – Camp site surveillance – first aid kit – consumption of drinking water – hot water.



Complementary service prices as displayed to clients

Restaurant – bar-cafeteria – safety deposit for valuables – power supply on plots – washing machines and dryers.

The camp site is classified by the competent authority in a specific category and as such is required by the current authorities to provide a number of services. Any service provided by the company, that is not a prerequisite of Tourism Regulations for the camp site category allocated, is completely voluntary. Therefore, this type of service may be fully or partially withdrawn at any time and while that service is available, users shall be required to pay the requisite amount displayed on the notice board(s) at any given time, in particular in the Reception Office.

12.- Client obligations in general. Clients shall be required to strictly comply with the rules established in this Regulation.

In particular, the clients shall:

  1. Submit to the specific conditions required by the camp site management designed to keep order and properly use the camp site.
  2. Respect all the installations making good use of them and leaving them in the appropriate condition for new users.
  3. Respect the planted areas, taking care not to act in any way or to use items which could damage them.
  4. Collect rubbish of all kinds in closed bags depositing them in the recipients designed for this purpose.
  5. Inform the camp site management of any cases of illness involving fever or which could be infectious or contagious.
  6. Show identification to authorised camp site personnel as required.
  7. Comply with the basic rules of peaceful coexistence, morals and public order

13.- Prohibitions As a general rule, any action contravening any of these camp site Regulations is prohibited. In particular, the following are specifically prohibited:

  1. Playing sport or games which could annoy other campers.
  2. Playing radios, CD TV or other devices excessively loudly.
  3. Carrying out any immoral acts, lack of hygiene, manifestations etc. which could be detrimental to the appearance and proper operation of the camp site.
  4. Hanging out washing or clothing in areas unauthorised for this purpose.
  5. Washing vehicles on the camp site outside the carwash area.
  6. Damaging or modifying the existing vegetation such as treading on plants or pulling them up, cutting branches or using sharp objects on them (nails, pegs or stakes etc.).
  7. Pouring dirty or waste water on plants, shrubs and trees on the camp site and its surroundings
  8. Carrying arms or objects that could cause accidents or wounding.
  9. Use of cars, motorcycles or bicycles throughout the camp site premises.
  10. Disturbing the peace of other campers during the hours of silence.
  11. Making fires on the ground.
  12. Keeping animals that have not been authorised by the Management.
  13. Leaving waste in areas unauthorised for this purpose.
  14. Allowing persons unauthorised by the Management to enter the camp site.
  15. Subletting by clients of any accommodation such as bungalows, plots, caravans, mobile homes or camping tents.
  16. The establishment of any business or activity for financial gain by clients in the camp site.
  17. Install fencing, barriers or canopies on the plots, or items of any kind which could be considered as permanent.

14.- Sanctions. Campers who contravene any of these prohibitions, fail to comply with instructions of the camp site management, breach the basic rules of education and social interaction, and in general, fail to observe all the principles of civilised life SHALL BE INVITED TO LEAVE THE PREMISES and should they fail to do so in a peaceful manner they shall be EJECTED from the camp by the site management. All of which shall be without detriment to the financial actions and any other penalties that may be imposed by the competent authority.

15.- Liability. Aside from compliance with the requirements of surveillance and protection pursuant to current regulations in the matter, the company shall not be held liable for any damages incurred as a result of actions taken by the campers or incidents caused by the weather and natural catastrophes.

Clients who have registered at the camp site accept that they are aware of and agree with these camp site Regulations and all the information referred to in point 2.